Plan for your variability

Single Use Replenishment (SUR®), an SAP® bolt-on solution, applies sophisticated algorithms to identify unusual spikes, and create one-time push supply.

The goal of SUR® is to service unusual demand spikes in your supply chain as a one-time event ensuring a 100% service level. An alternative is to increase the inventory level as a part of normal LEAN planning. But this may increase the inventory levels unnecessarily since such spikes are identified as one-time event.

Various alternatives are provided to smoothen replenishments. This action attenuates the spike and ensures that it is not transmitted to the Components and suppliers. This prevents the bullwhip effect upstream.

The solution is developed as a bolt-on on SAP®/ECC/APO. Planning parameters, used for identifying unusual spikes and smoothening replenishments are maintained on the material / product master. Single Use Replenishments are planned and created along with LEAN planning run. Native transactions and planning runs execute the planning and evaluate the outputs.

This approach significantly reduces the change management effort to implement such a system.

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