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Transforming supply chain using game-changing LEAN techniques!

Discover how you can tranform your supply chain using LEAN techniques on SAP®? Contact us for a complementary assessment…Today!

We enable LEAN on SAP®. To us, LEAN is a continuous pursuit of optimizing a supply chain and eliminating waste. We do this well using LEAN techniques and SAP® tools that you most likely, already own. We help you get to a LEANER state with minimal intervention to your SAP® landscape.

To begin with, we drill into your SAP® system and identify inventory you don’t need. We help you identify reasons for excess. We then set up an optimization goal and a corrective action plan. Read More...

In today’s market place where product lifecycles are getting sorter, maintaining planning parameters of an MRP system is often overwhelming. Let us implement a planning parameter maintenance strategy that helps you sustain an optimized level of inventory. Read More...

You can now implement a demand driven planning that reduces and dampens the nervousness experienced by MRP. Customers experience improved availability, increased productivity, compressed lead times and optimum inventory. Read More...

Push or Pull! Which philosophy do you subscribe to!

Are you closing a blind eye to unusual variability in your supply chain. Implement our Single Use Replenishment (SUR), a patent-pending solution that applies sophisticated customizable algorithms to identify unusual spikes in variability and creates one-time smoothened push replenishment. Smoothening ensures that spikes are not transmitted to the Components and suppliers thereby preventing bullwhip effect on Components. Learn More...

ROI on LEAN! How much do you save if you migrate to a demand driven pull supply chain? Simulate ROI using your live SAP® data with our award winning simulator…Today!

SAP® enabled roadmap for LEAN! Evaluate options, prioritize activities, and develop an implementation roadmap …today!

You decide the degree of pull and push. You decide the inventory and service levels. Let the system calibrate the planning parameters. Implement SAP® HANA powered supply chain dashboard for a results driven supply chain… today!

From LEAN business strategy to its implementation on SAP®, Lean Axis combines LEAN industry experience with SAP® implementation expertise to create solutions that bring real, tangible business value. We strive to increase business velocity by staying ahead of our client's needs with innovative solutions that deliver a rapid return on investment.

Lean Axis welcomes the opportunity to interact with you to explore how we can assist you to be more successful with your supply chain optimization initiatives on SAP®. Please email or call us at 408-802-1636.