LEAN Roadmap Services on SAP®

Evaluate your Options, Timeframes, and ROI, and embark upon your LEAN Journey with Confidence… Today!

LEAN is a journey and not a destination. To us, it is a continuous pursuit of optimizing a supply chain and eliminating waste. We do this well using LEAN techniques on SAP®. The goal of our roadmap services is to create possible pathways and assist your journey down this path.


  1. Simulate ROI using live data on SAP® and develop a business case on how LEAN planning can optimize your supply chain and improve service levels.
  2. Assess state of current LEAN initiatives in your organization and identify points of operational value.
  3. Develop a roadmap for enabling LEAN processes on SAP®, and provide a phased approach, and implementation options.
  4. Identify opportunities with your current SAP® landscape to support your current LEAN initiatives, and prepare you for transitioning into future state using SAP® suite of solutions.

Five simple steps:

  1. Simulate ROI using live data on SAP®: We use our ROI SIMULATOR® to simulate ROI on LEAN planning using your live data on SAP®. We also assess your financial statements and benchmark key figures with your peers in the industry.

    We assess three distinct areas of opportunity:

    a. Inventory conversion period – How efficient are your manufacturing facilities?
    b. Payables deferral period – How well do you manage your supplier relationships?
    c. Receivables collection period – How satisfied are your customers?

  2. Assess current state of your LEAN initiatives: In our experience, there is a typical maturity path towards the successful implementation of lean manufacturing. Most companies start off with a good deal of training, followed by the introduction of pilot lean cells or processes. Once the pilots are working well, these processes are rolled out across the plant and into other areas of the business. Over time, the company learns to apply lean thinking to every aspect of its business as it matures into a LEAN enterprise. We call this a LEAN maturity path.
  3. Architect a final state LEAN solution on SAP®: At this stage, we have ample information about your organization, financial key figures, business goals, operational objectives, and current SAP® footprint. We would utilize these inputs to develop a complete solution architecture using SAP®’s suite of LEAN solutions.
  4. Develop an implementation roadmap: With a good understanding of the current state of your LEAN initiatives, organizational readiness, and identified SAP® solution Components, we are now ready to develop an implementation road map. Our roadmap aligns with your LEAN maturity model and supports transitioning into its final state, in every step of the way.

Next Steps:

Call on us for a complimentary ROI assessment using our patent-pending LEAN PLANNER®, a LEAN technique based planning solution. This solution allows you to “pull” any product on any node of your supply chain resulting in significantly optimized inventories and improved service levels.

Lean Axis welcomes the opportunity to interact with you to explore how we can assist you to be more successful with your supply chain optimization initiatives on SAP®. Please email info@LeanXis.com or call us at 408-802-1636.