Protected Case Studies

Today agility goes beyond streamlining operations on the shop floor. Collaboration happens among partners across oceans, not just in boardrooms. And having greater insights into customer isn’t just important, it is essential. We examined the steps our customers are taking on their journey to becoming LEAN enterprises. These selected case studies of our customers are not only the testimony of our work but also examine how LEAN can impact the way organizations work today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

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  • Customer Case – Lean Roadmap

    Learn how Smith & Nephew charted a roadmap for implementing LEAN on SAP? Smith & Nephew (NYSE: SNN) is a UK based global medical technology company specializing in orthopedic reconstruction, trauma and clinical therapies, and endoscopy and advance wound management products. The company operates in over 32 countries for over 150 years with annual sales of over $3.4 billion. [level-lean-axis]?DOWNLOAD?[/level-lean-axis]...
  • Customer Case -Subject Matter Expertise

    Learn how CISCO systems implemented LEAN systems across its three tier supply chain systems using an SAP? enabled solution. SAP (NASDAQ: SAP) dominates the global market for enterprise resource planning software. SAP’s software provides customers with an integrated view and control over various business functions including operations, finance, human resources, supply-chain management, and customer relationship management. SAP has further increased the attractiveness of its products by cust...
  • Customer Case – Inventory Optimization

    Learn how Newport Corporation optimized inventory using existing SAP? solution. Newport Corporation (NASDAQ: NEWP) is a globally recognized leader in advanced technology products and solutions for fields such as Research, Life & Health Science, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Manufacturing, Semiconductors and Microelectronics. The company operates in over 70 countries for over 40 years with annual sales of over $0.5 billion. [level-lean-axis]?DOWNLOAD?[/level-lean-axis]...