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Most supply chain managers would like to implement a demand driven supply chain if they had a choice. Such supply chains trigger replenishment based on actual customer demand. These are way more forgiving to forecast errors. Inventories can be forecasted statistically and hence budgeted accurately.

But the variability in the supply chain prevents them from taking such an approach. They are forced to depend on an MRP managed push supply chain.

What if the system automatically detected such variability ahead of time and planned for it as a separate single event! What if the system also smoothened this one-time replenishment such that the variability is attenuated and not passed over to the Components or the suppliers as a spike!

Our patent-pending Single Use Replenishment (SUR) solution performs exactly this function. Together with Lean Planner®, you can plan any product on any node of a supply chain using demand driven techniques. You get all the benefits of a demand driven supply chain, at the same time all the unusual variability is identified and serviced using independent single use replenishments, giving you a 100% service levels.

You decide the level of pull and push! You decide the level of inventory! Let the system choose planning techniques to meet the outcome!

From LEAN business strategy to its implementation on SAP®, Lean Axis combines LEAN industry experience with SAP® implementation expertise to create solutions that bring real, tangible business value. We strive to increase business velocity by staying ahead of our client's needs with innovative solutions that deliver a rapid return on investment.

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