A Business Case for LEAN

Calculate ROI on LEAN using your live data on SAP®. Our award winning ROI Simulator is a powerful tool for developing a business case and an implementation roadmap for LEAN.

We are not a proponent of recommending LEAN based on ROI (Return On Investment). LEAN is about business transformation. And ROI is not the best tool to help decide if you should embark upon your transformational journey.

Having said so, we do believe you can estimate the amount of inventory you need to run a pull system given your present day constraints in your supply chain. Pull systems are way more “forgiving” to forecast errors, lead time errors, and variability in general, in your supply chain. In other words, results of these simulation models are a good measure of the actual inventory you will carry if you switch to a pull system today. You can compare these with historic inventories that you have been carrying all these years. The result is a good measure of ROI. At least good enough to make a business case for a LEAN, a pull, or a demand driven system!

Our ROI simulator is developed using SAP® tools and tightly integrated with native SAP® solutions. It can extract data from your SAP® systems for an entire plant, perform the simulation, and present you with ROI for a plant, warehouse, or your entire supply chain. It can also present you with parts, vendors, customers, or even nodes of your supply chain that add maximum variability to your supply chain…. alternatively, those that are best suited for LEAN.

From LEAN business strategy to its implementation on SAP®, Lean Axis combines LEAN industry experience with SAP® implementation expertise to create solutions that bring real, tangible business value. We strive to increase business velocity by staying ahead of our client's needs with innovative solutions that deliver a rapid return on investment.

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