Demand Driven Planning: A Better Alternative!

Discover how Demand Driven Planning can improve availability, increase productivity and optimize inventories? Implement it in on your SAP®…Today!

We all know that small changes – in customer demand, or a stock adjustment, for example – can make an MRP based push system “twitchy” and trigger a host of reschedules.

Imagine the amount of “changes” in today’s supply chain. Outsourced supplies are creating longer lead times and more variability than ever before, and customer changes are more frequent and with less notice. Product life-cycles are shorter. New product introductions are more frequent... well, even writing these realities is exhausting!

The result… MRP systems aren’t just “twitchy” anymore; they’re in the throes of a perpetual nervous breakdown!
As a result, companies experience chronic shortages and inventory imbalances while productivity is crippled. Inventory levels soar, expediting costs go through the roof, and service levels are no where close to industry standards.
This can be disastrous in even standard operating environments; it’s an absolute nightmare in complex and challenging environments.

Demand Driven Planning - The New Revolution

With Strategic Inventory Positioning, and Dynamic Buffers, Demand Driven Planning is a leading planning methodology that is increasingly gaining acceptance.

Demand driven planning reduces and dampens the nervousness, protecting against the variability. Customers experience improved availability, increased productivity, compressed lead times and optimum inventory.

We at Lean Axis have developed patent-pending bolt-on solutions on SAP® that allow you to implement Demand Driven Planning on SAP® with insignificant change management.

From LEAN business strategy to its implementation on SAP®, Lean Axis combines LEAN industry experience with SAP® implementation expertise to create solutions that bring real, tangible business value. We strive to increase business velocity by staying ahead of our client's needs with innovative solutions that deliver a rapid return on investment.

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