Determine an optimum level using SAP® tools you already own… Today!

Determine an optimum level using SAP® tools you already own… Today!

So… how much inventory is just right for you? Of course, the typical answer is it depends on many factors such as your industry, your product lifecycle and how strategic your inventory is for your business. A 30- to 60-day inventory may be good for a retailer. Food-related businesses turn theirs over in a matter of days, while wine- and spirits-makers may hold inventory for decades. If you are in the nuclear industry, you may actually make money by selling your excess inventory.

You may even be advised to find out the industry standards. Compare your inventory turns with your peers.

Another approach is to look into your own SAP® system. The answer may be hidden in the data. There are several metrics available on SAP® to determine how much redundant inventory exists in your warehouse. There are ways to determine your current practices that lead to excess inventory today. You can not only determine how much inventory is just adequate for your business but also understand how to attain that level from your current state and maintain optimum level going forward.

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