Problems We Solve?

How Much Inventory Do You Need?

The answer may be hidden in your data. There are several metrics available on SAP® to determine redundant inventory you can do without. Determine optimum level using SAP® tools you already own? Today!

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Is MRP Working For You?

Are your exception messages overflowing…Well, you are not alone!

Evaluate planning techniques, develop a MRP parameter maintenance strategy, and realize a sustained optimized level of inventories on SAP® …Today!

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Demand Driven Planning: A Better Alternative!

With Strategic Inventory Positioning, and Dynamic Buffers, Demand Driven Planning is a leading methodology that is gaining acceptance rapidly.

What does it take to implement in your current SAP® environment …Today!

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Push or Pull! Which Side Are You On?

You like the simplicity of KANBAN but also know that without MRP’s ability to recalculate requirements, even with all its flaws, operations would be crippled.Transform your supply chain using LEAN Planner®, an SAP® bolt-on solution that uses best of both …Today!

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Demand Spikes! Are You Turning a Blind Eye?

MRP simply passes them over to your partners. LEAN increases your buffer levels significantly. Both are suboptimal.

Implement Single Use Replenishment (SUR®), an SAP® bolt-on solution to proactively recognize, smoothen, and plan your demand spikes… Today!

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ROI on LEAN! How Much do You Save?

ROI is not the best tool to decide a transformational journey but you can estimate the amount of inventory you need to run a pull system.

Assess ROI using your live SAP® data with our award winning SAP® bolt-on simulator… Today!

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SAP® Enabled Roadmap for LEAN!

To us, LEAN is a continuous pursuit of optimizing a supply chain and eliminating waste. We do these well using LEAN techniques on SAP®.

Assess ROI, evaluate options and embark upon your LEAN journey on SAP® with confidence… Today!

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Big Data Enabled, Results Driven Supply Chain!

You decide the degree of Pull and Push. Inventory and Service levels. Let your SAP® determine the best planning strategy to meet your goals.

Implement an SAP® HANA powered dashboard for results driven supply chain… Today!

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Our Services?

Inventory Optimization Services?

As simple as it sounds, inventory optimization is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today. Optimized supply chain is a key differentiator.

Minimize your inventory and secure high level of service using SAP® tools already available to you… Today!

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LEAN Roadmap Services?

To us, LEAN is a continuous pursuit of optimizing a supply chain and eliminating waste. The goal of our roadmap services is to create possible pathways and assist you travel this journey.

Evaluate your options, timeframes, and ROI, and embark upon your LEAN journey with confidence… Today!

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LEAN Implementation Services

A textbook LEAN implementation can be quite daunting? value stream mapping, radical changes in processes and company culture.

Architect and implement a LEAN SAP® solution, and realize a flexible organization ready for new opportunities… Today!

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Our Products?

LEAN Planner®

A patent-pending flagship solution that assists customers plan replenishments using LEAN techniques -a powerful solution to “pull” all the products on all the nodes of a multi-tier supply chain, significantly reducing inventories and increasing service levels

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Single Use Replenishment (SUR®)

A patent-pending solution that applies sophisticated customizable algorithms to identify unusual spikes in variability and create one-time smoothened push replenishment ensuring a 100% service level. Smoothening ensures that spikes are not transmitted to the components and suppliers thereby preventing bullwhip effect on components.

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ROI Simulator

A custom developed solution that assists simulate ROI (Return On Investment) on LEAN Planning using live data on SAP® – a powerful tool to develop a business case and an implementation roadmap for LEAN

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LEAN Dashboard

An SAP® HANA powered supply chain dashboard that gives you a complete control of planning your supply chain. You decide how much inventory you want to pull or push through your supply chain. You decide the inventory and service levels. You set the goals and let the system do the rest.

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